Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesdays Post-Fathers

I set this to post on Wednesday and I guess it didn't work!

As a birthmother I know that the one thing that really brought me to thinking of adoption was the fact that i wanted my baby to have a father. Last month I met an adoptive father who was just amazing!!! And with the permission of his wifey I am posting about him.

I had seen Josh on Lindsey's blog before (guilty blog stalker) and heard his wife gloat endlessly about what an amazing husband she had.

I met Josh for the first time at the National FSA Conference. Josh had never met me before but I was feeling really sick and I didn't want to miss out on the conference especially since my baby's adoptive mom was there!! My friend Ashley and I set out to find someone to give me a blessing. At this point I only kinda knew Lindsey I had only met her a few times before. But I knew how she talked about her husband and I felt comfortable asking him for a blessing (sorry to get religious...but hey its what happened) I asked Josh for a blessing and he was happy to give me one! I then saw him again playing with his boys in one of the sitting areas keeping them busy. But all this was just small compared to what i was going to learn about him in October.

In October I decided to drive down with some beautiful ladies (tamara, heidi, lindsey, and i), 2 cute kids (tyson and gavin) and 1 awesome dude (josh) to the SW Regional Adoption Conference. 13 hours is a long way to drive , somehow i got lucky enough to sit up front and ride shotgun the whole way!
I personally think it was meant to happen. I learned so much.

I will admit I always worried whether or not and adoptive parent could truly love their adopted child as much as their own. I especially worried about it because my baby's adoptive family has 2 biological children already! All of my fears were DEFINITELY put to rest for good.

The first time I noticed the incalculable (if this isn't a word, it is now! ) love Josh had for his two sons was when he looked in the rearview mirror and said "Linds, look at those beautiful eyes" Now no one knew this until now so don't tell, but I literally had to choke back tears . The way he said it was so sincere, so truthful and loving. He wasn't saying it just to say it. He was saying it because he meant it. The next few days I witnessed time and time again. Josh answered questions for me from 2 very important perspectives that I needed at this time in my life. I had so many things I was worried about and NONE of them are still fears because of something Josh said.

The way Josh looked at his boys, took care of them, held them, it was just a beautiful relationship. A father, and adoptive father, an advocate for adoption, and a person in general like Josh deserves to be recognized!
josh and his boys. baby G and tys


birthMOM said...

hey! thats my mil's neighborhood! lol

Josh said...

Thanks for sharing that and I appreciate the compliments. I guess you never know what your actions mean to others. Makes me want to be better everyday.

I want to point out that your actions also help me. I often worry that we are asking too much of birth mothers. That placing is too hard. But the reality is that I see girls like you that give their children what they need and then also move on to be happy, healthy, successful, loving people. You are another testimant to that!

DisabilityDiva said...

Love it!! So very true glad Jess spotlighted him!! So glad to see you at BlueLemon and for eating mac & Cheese with my little guy!

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