Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bond of Silence

You know when you have a huge secret that you can’t tell and it ways down upon you to the point when you are going to explode if you don’t tell someone. This to me is one crappy feeling! I can’t stand this feeling. It gets to the point when I am sick to my stomach because I think about it so much.

I would multiply this by about a kajillion trillion and I would guess that is how all the silenced
birthmothers and adoptees with closed records feel.

I am so thankful not to be one of these birthmothers. I have felt this often times with my family but I can’t imagine not being able to express it to others your whole life. I met one girl at a panel I did in a high school and she came up to us crying afterwards saying how thankful she was to know she wasn’t the only one in the world. Her family had actually picked up and moved because people in their neighborhood had found out. WHO CARES?? People aren’t allowed to mess up? People aren’t allowed to go through trials? She would get grounded for telling people about her pregnancy and adoption story.

I think that we need to really come together and fight for the rights of open records and open adoption. I feel very strongly about it and think most people should feel the same way.

Can you imagine not knowing where you came from? Not knowing your medical history? It is crazy how every time I fill out the medical history form at a doctor’s office I don’t even take into account how lucky I am to be able to have that information readily available.

I encourage you to find out what you can do in your community to help out with this effort. Always
remember to be thankful for the knowledge of your background and where you come from and
remember those who don’t.

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Von said...

I don't think having a huge secret etc comes anywhere near it for birth mothers of the baby scoop era.

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