Friday, January 7, 2011


mother goddess

what does it mean to be a mother

~please, everyone, feel free to enlighten us in the comment section ~

the goddess as mother nature

i have a few thoughts i wanna share about this subject, including a new video (that i will share as soon as its done, SO close! a lil thing called dr school keeps getting in my way!) adoption luvs

mother teresa
mother goose

by debbie de witt


Ashley said...


I'm not a first mom but I've put some thought into this. "Mother" isn't a black and white thing.

PizawL said...

Beautiful images. Why is there no credit given to the artists who made these? I want to know who they are, but more importantly they deserve credit and compensation for their work to be used.

birthMOM said...
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birthMOM said...

pizawl, they are all from stock photos unless otherwise noted and/or linked in the caption. if you find the original source/artist, please let us know!

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