Thursday, January 20, 2011

REPOST- i loved her first

my dear friend heather shared her story with us last year of how she came to choose adoption for her daughter. 

you will cry when you read the letter she wrote to that sweet baby girl just days after placement, 
this is what love truly is. 

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Double Trouble Reid Momma said...

Hello! I am birth mom and adoptee, I am writing a book! It will be a collection of true stories. All about the wonderful gift of adoption. I would love to hear your story if you are: * Birth mother * Adoptee * Adoptive parent please email me your story. If you would like to remain anonymous that is up to you. Depending on how many stories I get, your story might be edited for space. If there is a large amount I will do more then one book. We will see. I am doing this for the one young girl who feels like no one has ever been in her shoes. Who feels like she has no options. Maybe if she reads my story or yours she will know what a blessing adoption is!! So pread the word...Let everyone who has been touched by adoption that this is their chance to be heard and to share their amazing story!!! email me at jorireid@hotmail.com

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