Wednesday, April 13, 2011

birthmothers day is fast approaching!

since we have a lot of adoptive mom readers at this here blog site, its time to shamelessly plug
birthmothers day!
its always the saturday before mothers day. 
this year it is sat may 7th, 2011

its a nationally recognized day, but still not one that every one is aware of. it always makes me sad when i meet birthmothers who didnt know there is a special day set aside just for them. some choose to not celebrate on that day and they have set aside mothers day for their special recognition/remembrance time. that is fine, to each his own.

it makes me mad when i meet adoptive moms who choose to not honor respect and recognize their child(ren)s birthmother on birthmothers day AND mothers day. (yes, it should be both). even in a closed adoption you can still honor the choice she made to place her baby, by setting aside some time to do something special as a family and talk about the adoption, make a cake or treats, set out a bouquet of fresh flowers just for her, write her a letter that she may receive if there is ever a reunion- even if she will never receive it, write it anyways- you child will treasure it for her.

if you have an open adoption, the obvious way to honor your child(ren)s birthmother is to get her a lil sumpin sumpin. maybe something that the child made, a gift of sentiment, some jewelry - lets get serious, who doesnt want jewelry on mothers day! why would birthmoms be any different?! (we arent)

so, i wanted to share this website with you! its very affordable, always has free shipping and always has a variety of lovelies with new selections every day. i dont get anything for telling you about this site, this is of my own free will. i have purchased from here A LOT and have been happy with all the pieces ive bought. I feel like there are some very appropriate gifts to select from for your childs birthmom, even some birthstone pieces. people are always asking me for ideas, so here you go! my best suggestion is  JEWELRY!

if jewelry really isnt her thing, which i cant believe is ever the case, there is a list of gift ideas on the adoption gift ideas page.
diamonds are a girls best friend!

remember too about the adoption cards at Heartmark designs.
use the code bmombudsmember to receive 15% off. 

feel free to share any of your great birthmom day gift ideas that you have given - or received - in the past!

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Angee said...

Not a birth mom, but an adoptive mom. :) I'm trying to find the perfect gift for my daughter's birth mom. She placed our daughter in our arms last year on May 7th which is also Birth Mother's day and is going to be my daughter's first birthday party. I gave her a necklace at placement but kind of wanted something a little different. I would LOVE suggestions from other birth moms. Also, should I be getting her multiple things since we are celebrating so many things on one day or just get her something bigger? Birth dad is also going to be there so I want to get him something for remembering placement but don't want either to feel left out. I'd love any comments emailed to me at robbyandangeeadopt@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

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