Thursday, July 28, 2011


So, we didn't get a whole lot of logo submissions but there is one that Desha and I really loved! 

This was made by Jessica Lepinski. I think it is so beautiful! Here is her story that she included with it:

 I've been browsing the blog for a while now and wanted to find some way to participate and support and though logos aren't my strong point I put one together anyway. When I put it together my main thoughts were family, and love, which is what adoption means to me. Two of my four nieces and nephews were adopted, and when they were placed in a family it came with the bonus of an extended family which means me, and other aunts and uncles, cousins, as well as grandma and grandpa, get to have the wonderful experience of having these children in our lives. In the logo I tried to emphasize the heart shapes for love--I'm a nerd like that-- as well as give the birth-mother a thoughtful pose as she contemplates her choices. 

The logo design was inspired by my niece Addison's birthmom. She is an amazing, strong-willed, beautiful woman. I wouldn't doubt she'd have made, and will make, a wonderful mother, but she wanted her baby to have a father. Her favorite picture of Addison is when she was brand new and at the hospital, looking up at her Daddy (my oldest brother) for the first time. I know that Addie's birthmom had families and love in the forefront of her mind when she made the decisions for Addie's future, and that's what I attempted to portray in the logo.  

We adore this logo and hope our readers love it too!! 

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