Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy National Adoption Month!

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I know i have been MIA lately...life has been crazy forgive me!

I want to announce our winner for the giveaway!


you are the winner of the amazing book from Hearfelt Memories!

I will email you the details today!!!

We will be reposting things from our archives as well as having guest bloggers this month! Here are some things you SHOULDN'T miss out on if at all possible!

November 4-5
NW FSA Adoption Conference (Oregon)--see birthMOM there

SW FSA Adoption Conference (Arizona)--see JLBills there

UVU Adoption Conference (Utah)

November 12

Adoption Walk With Me (Utah)--see JLBills there

If you know of any events going on in your area please email us at birthmothers4adoption@gmail.com


Laura and Paul said...

Thank you for picking my name to win!

Laura schieffert

Karine said...

We are adopting three little children on NOV 18th :) So excited.

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