Saturday, January 21, 2012

Calling All Birthparents!!!

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I am looking for Birthmoms or Birthfathers that are willing to help us out.

1. I need some birthparents to participate in an email panel.
   What is an email panel you ask?
----Well I have several adoptive couples AND prospective birthparents who have been emailing questions on open adoption or who are wanting to talk and ask questions to birthparents about adoption in general. I would email a question out to the panel every week or every other week and the panel would answer it....if we get some really good ones i will probably post it on our blog because it is good information for everyone to have..

2. i need some birthparents to guest blog for us next month
  What does it mean to guest blog? What if I am bad at blogging/don't know how? What do i blog about?
----First of all it is easy and requires NO knowledge about blogging. All you have to do is Email us your blog post with a picture or two and birthMOM and i will do the rest. WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT? what not to blog about?? briefly share your story then pick a topic to focus on. i.e. Post placement, healthy relationships, dating after placement, grief, etc.

If you are interested in either of these email us at BIRTHMOTHERS4ADOPTION @ GMAIL (dot) COM


k said...

I'll help you out if you need it :) Just email me? 100letterstoyou@gmail.com

MrsPerrbear said...

I'm down. Email me with anything I can do to help!

Tamra said...

i know i'm a little late but you know you can count on me for anything. lemme help!
PS i love ya

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