Monday, May 21, 2012

Taylor-From TLC's Birth Moms

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Today we interviewed Taylor Walters. Taylor has a great story. Taylor also has a little girl she parents named Nevaeh.

How long ago did you place?
I placed in Febuary of this year. So about 3 months ago.

Did you have a boy or girl?
I had a baby boy.

What is his name?
His name is Jamin.

Tell us a little about yourself?
Im 19. Im currently going to school for a Nursing Assistant now. My daughter is my whole world! & I like to have fun just like every other young person in the world!

Why did you choose the Adoption Center of Choice?
I chose the Adoption Center of choice because i needed to get out of Florida and I felt like they were the only people that could help me.

Did you like this agency?
I LOVED the agency. A lot of the other birth moms didnt. But they helped me through everything. & made the process a lot easier for me. I still keep in contact with my case worker and some others from the agency.

How did you choose the adoptive couple?
I chose Jamie & Andy as my family because they were so put together & so happy. They had 3 beautiful children which honestly did freak me out at first. lol. But the first night i went to dinner with them, i loved them! & after i saw them with Jamin, i knew they were perfect!!

Is your adoption open or closed?
My adoption is open. Just so I can check up on the little guy every now & then.

Did you like TLC?
TLC was great! They gave me something to do everyday. & i met some amazing people while being filmed!

What was the hardest part about your adoption?
The hardest thing about my adoption was probably signing the reliquishment papers. Knowing that you are signing over a part of you is a very difficult decision. Once you sign those papers, theres nothing you can do.

if you could tell birthmoms everywhere one thing, what would you say?
You are all very strong women. Not every woman has the sense to be able to look at a situation & predict how the future will ACTUALLY be. We all have suprises in life. Some are more prepared then others. But when you are able to go through something so hard, just to make anothers life better... that is one of the most unselfish acts a person can do. Dont listen to the negative comments people have. Everybodys opinion is going to be different. But you ARE doing something truely amazing!

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