Saturday, February 2, 2013

posts to come

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we are going to be making a homemade youtube video featuring pics of you and your baby prior to placement. please email us your pic asap, and tell your birthmoma sisters to do the same!
(no names or dates or any identifying info, will be used in the video)

you can look forward to posts abt the following topics:

~birthmoms: selfish vs selfless beings. featuring several questions answered by a variety of birthmomas

~everything that is WRONG with certain recently released adoption songs/music videos

~searching on facebook. communicating on facebook.

if you would like to contribute thoughts to these posts, please email us immediately. 

if you would like to guest blog about ANY adoption related topic, please email the post and pics and it will get posted!

adoption luvs


k said...

...What is your email address? :)

birthMOM said...

birthmothers4adoption at gmail

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