Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Open Adoption Blogger Event.

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Hey y'all!!

I had the awesome privilege of participating in the Open Adoption Blogger Event. It is where we get assigned another adoption blogger and we interview each other! it is super neat.

You can see more about it HERE and see our group specifically HERE.

I got to interview Sarah from Musings of a Seamstress.

This gal is hoping to adopt with her hubby Eric. She currently auctions off the ability to help choose her outfits every day in exchange for a donation to their adoption fund.

Here is our interview:

If you could only eat one food for 3 days…what would it be?
My favorite Subway sandwich:  turkey on Italian with American cheese, lettuce, green peppers, more pickles than you can dream of topped with light mayo and vinegar. I would happily eat this everyday if I could.

Who is your favorite author? Why?
I have so many!  For lighter girlie books I love Sophie Kinsella, author of the Confessions of a Shopaholic series. Her characters are quirky and real.  I really enjoy the format in which she tells her stories.  For more serious reading I die for Philippa Gregory!  Her Tudor series is divine.  So well written and from a not often explored point of view in most other historical writing.

When did you learn to sew? What was the first thing you made?
That depends.  My mom taught my sister and I to hand sew when were were kids.  We made our own Barbie clothes, which is part of why I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 7.  When I really learned how to sew was in middle school when I took my first home ec class.  I made a duffle bag, which I still have and blogged about.  It has absolutely terrible construction, but that is what sparked my love of sewing.

How did you come to the decision to try to adopt?
It was something we, Eric and I, had always talked about from the beginning of our relationship.  Partly because I didn't want to actually have children and partly because I wanted an "Angelina family".  I am an eclectic person in almost all ways and my family should not be any different.  

Do you plan to have an open adoption? Why or why not?
Yes we are planning for an open adoption.  I didn't even know that such a thing existed until we were ready to start looking into adoption.  But the communication of being able to show and tell our child where they came from so they never have to question it or wonder who they are was just too appealing.  We can be upfront and honest from the start.

What is your view on birthparents?
Love them! They are a very important part to our story.  Without them we would not be able to have a family!    

If you could say something to all the birthparents out there…what would it be?
Thank you!  Thank you for your loving decision to do what you feel is best for your child.  Thank you for taking control of your situation.  Thank you for believing in the good of others to raise the child you gave birth to.  

What are 3 random facts about you?
Three random facts, hmmm...

1. When I was a kid I could play the harmonica.  I played hot cross buns till I was blue in the face. 

2.  When I was in college I had a black bear hamster named Wango.  If you have seen the Princess Diaries you probably know what the name means. 

3. I adore the Kingdom Hearts video games.  They are Disney themed, what's not to love?  I haven't played them in a very long time but they are still awesome.

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