Sunday, January 19, 2014


To enter our giveaway you don't have to be directly involved in adoption so SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

So here is something awesome: Two of our prizes are from Adoption related companies,

1: PepperAnn's Locket

-The jewelry here is made by an amazing birth mom named Shantel. I think she is pretty awesome. She hand crafts everything she sells all the way down to the packaging. She is incredible at what she does. Whoever wins this prize will get to choose one of her necklaces or customize a saying.

Wanna see her shop : ETSY

2: Subsidy Shades

The next awesome prize is a set of sweet shades. "But I already have sunglasses", you say. Well you don't have glasses like these. These are special sunglasses. Don't believe me read their site, bet you will smile.

This is a non profit started by a stellar adoptive couples who want to give back.
ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of their proceeds are donated to adoption related things. Whether it be adoptive couples, birth moms, adoptees etc. They are their to help.

Wanna see their shop: FACEBOOK  WEBSITE 

Sooooo go check out those sites. Don't forget to enter the giveaway :)

Party on Garth!!

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