Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Importance of a Support System

Today I went to a birthmother support group meeting in Portland, Oregon! It was fantastic! I really enjoyed talking to the women there. There were only two, plus me, but there was one who I was extremely impressed with. One of the women there was planning on placing twins, she is due any day now.

The group leader asked her, how she was going to get through it?
Her answer was: by using all of her support group to its fullest and not taking any one person of it for granted

How smart this is! 

When going through an adoption process, on either side- birth parent or adoptive parent, it is important to use a support group. Whether it is a church/religious network, an adoption agency, friends, family members... you need one!! I think it would be safe to say it would be near impossible to get through this without at least one person to rely on.

I then thought of my dear friends that I met throughout my adoption process. They helped me through a lot, even when I pushed them away for short periods of time, they still hung on. I then thought, some people don't have these built in support groups, so I concluded that if all else fails, rely on your God and your Faith to get you through it all!! With God all things are possible!

Be strong and hold on! You never get a storm without a rainbow.

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