Friday, June 19, 2009

Single Parenting...Not so glorious!!

I was watching 16 and pregnant last night. It was about a girl who was a senior in high school who chose to single parent. Of course having placed for adoption myself, I am all for placement when girls do not have a way to properly care for the child or a way to give them a stable family and home life. This girl didn't have a car, didn't graduate high school, she quit her job, and she got all her money from her parents. Then, when she had the baby she complained to her mom that she didn't get any sleep and she wanted freedom to hang out with her friends!

If you are a single parent, you do not have a lot of help. That is a simple reality and a truth that is often overlooked. This single mother chose to give up her freedom when she chose to parent. I find it funny that on top of all this, she was surprised that all her friends who swore they'd help her if she kept the baby, were not around!

If you choose to parent the baby, you better be prepared for the consequences!
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