Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Answers to some Questions

Answers to some Questions -
First of all Birthmother's Day is the Saturday before Mother's Day. Its a great day to remind your birthmother that she is still loved and that you love her!

Second, i don't think you can ever send TOO MANY pictures!!! A great idea that my baby's adoptive parents carried out was creating me a blogspot and they update the pictures on there!! Its great because my family can log on to it and see it and it is personalized just for me. I also like that they upload the pictures to a share file...you can use walmart, photobucket, or shutterfly and others. You can upload the pictures then they can print them out!! Last idea is a photo book! I love that when my baby turned 1year her parents sent me a book with some pictures from the last year with poems and songs! It was my favorite thing.

Hope that helps!!

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Helen said...

I love the idea of a personal blog and a shared file. Thanks!

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