Friday, January 29, 2010

i win i win i win!!

oh happy day!!

i win!

so, we all wonder who the children we placed look more like right? well at least some of us do. thanks to the highly precise and absolutely foolproof authentic technology at my heritage dot com, the wonderment is over!

i win, by 14 percent! and i even checked it a few times with the same pic of me and biodad each time but used 6 different pics of beeb from the last few months. and i won every time. excpet once it was an even 50/50.

i also had fun checking out the look alike differences btwn the Aparents- against each other, and the Aparents against me. i still won, but it was an even 50/50 btwn biodad and Amom. Amom beat by Adad by a smidge. which makes sense cuz every one says we look like sisters.

what a fun way to avoid studying electron potential in cell membranes for tuesdays exam! 
i highly recommend it!


birthmomforever said...

I had fun playing with it. I don't think it's very accurate though. I tried my birthson's picture with me and the bdad 3 times. first time I won by 23%, 2nd time I won by 3%, then last time it was equal. I'm also told he looks more like me. I also tried the aparts with son and they were equal. Everyone thinks he looks more like adad. I then tried it with me and my parents and my dad won but I think I look more like my mom. I also tried with my brother and his baby. It was fun.

etropic said...

LOL! I <3 you girl! You crack me up. I did this same thing a few years back. I forgot the results though so I think it's time I got back & try it again. I'm pretty sure that I will "win" as I have a picture of me as a baby that looks IDENTICAL to my son at the same age. It's uncanny. Actually, that's the only picture I have of him that is "on display" in the house. Everyone who has ever seen it says "K" looks like "M" and often mistakes it for a picture of "M"

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