Monday, June 7, 2010

birthMOM, my adoption story

yes. its true, i have never written out my adoption story. mainly cuz i dont have the time- medical school is like a vortex that sucks you in and doesn't let you escape! but i love every fascinating second of it. when i do write, i write in great intricate detail, if you are a reader of my personal blog, then you know this! not a reader and want to be? email me and ill send you an invite. and this aspect of story telling doesnt coincide well with the lack of time issue =) i have written many parts of my adoption story on my blog, but have yet to complete it. one day i will. one day.

in the mean time i have used my youtube videos to tell my story, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.
video 1.
chapter 2.
the story behind my video making.

many many many months ago i was approached by the ladies of standupgirl  asking if they could use my story on a new website loveschoice. i told them of course, but unfort i didnt have a written version, they already had seen my video. so they asked if they could interview me, and volunteered to write it out for me, seeing as i really didnt have the time but def had the desire. i left the country for a few months, i started medical school, finally it all worked out with schedules and what not and i was interviewed. she typed it all up and i edited it and then voila, i had a written version of my story! its geared toward the pursuing adoption options crowd and the context is one of sharing my experience along with a lil advice giving. but as of now, it is the only written version of 'my adoption story'.
thank you loveschoice and standupgirl for the opportunity to share my amazing experience! 

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Eternal Adoptions said...

Love your blog!

How do we get in contact with you?

Please email me at Chelsea@eternaladoptiions.org would love to talk with you more about your blog as well as our company!

Thank you!

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