Wednesday, August 4, 2010

gods heart: adoption - grab a tissue

a great joy is coming!
1 month before the birth
growing up, i always said i would adopt after i had biological children. then after infertility with my now exhusband i said i would adopt rather than try treatments. then, after the divorce, i said i would only adopt if i were to ever be a mother. i never imagined i would later place for adoption! little did i know then that a miracle was already waiting in the wings of my future, a miracle that i know now had always been 'the plan'.  so grateful, as i consider that miracle to be the crowning achievement of my entire life. nothing will top it- not graduating from college, not graduating from medical school, not remarriage, not having more children. each of these events have been and will be amazing in their own right, but nothing will be more sweet, more precious, and more sacred to me, than my adoption experience with my lil pokepoke.

18 hours old
both images captured by zoberbabies
im not much of a religious person, but i am a believer in deity and consider myself to be a spiritually sensitive and intuitive person. theres no way i could have seen and done the things ive seen and done in my 30 years and say that there is not something bigger better greater stronger and more powerful than what i could have seen and done and accomplish on my own. adoption is one of those places in my life where i know there was a greater purpose at work and a very divine instrumentation creating simple awesome and beautiful precious miracles.

i was very much reminded of these miracles, big and small in my life and my adoption when i watched this incredible video just now. i had to share. i hope you will too.
i can not say enough how much i love adoption.

in case the embedded version cuts off part of the video, you can view it on youtube directly or visit the blog of the family that created it!

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