Tuesday, August 24, 2010

prayers needed for a birthmom sister of ours.

birthMOM 'stole' this word4word from diary of a birthmom....

I think I may be the only person who calls her Paigey and not Paiger.

Paige is one of those girls that you meet, fall in love with instantly, and will never forget.

She is, also, a birthmom. (which makes her even more incredible).

August 24, 2010 at 3:30 pm, Paige was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident in/near Provo canyon. She was on the back of the motorcycle, neither of them were wearing helmets. Her left arm and leg were broken, and she has been in surgery all evening. I'm still waiting for updates (from her daughter's parents, who are some of my favorite people EVER) but will post as I know more.

Paige placed her beautiful daughter, Andi, with her forever family in October 2009. I met her three months prior to that, and she quickly became my best friend and an incredible strength for me. After pushing through one of the most difficult single-and-pregnant situations I've ever seen, she came out on top. With only weeks left until she was due, she drew all the strength she had and decided to give her little girl a family - with a mom and a dad. When she met Andi's parents, there seemed to be a new glow about her. Even though she ached and mourned, never once did she utter an unkind word. She loves her little girl so much, and has been striving to live a life her little girl can be proud of. She sacrificed her whole heart to give her little girl the world - including pulling herself out of an unhealthy and dangerous relationship. After her placement, she continued to be a support to the rest of us girls in our group. She cried with us, laughed with us, and helped prepare me for placement and post-placement - including taking me out to dinner and a movie a few days after I placed, and sitting with me for hours to talk about what to expect at the blessing and sealing. Paige is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met, and she is so loved.

Paige with Andi when she was sealed to Kim and Shane. Such a beautiful day!

I know she can pull through this. She's strong, young, and healthy. 
Please pray for her, and for her family. 
The power of prayer is incredible, and it can produce miracles.


Mommy to be ... Brandi G said...

I am praying .... she is too young and important to leave this world. Paige, you are in my thoughts and prayers ... I will continue to pray for you.

Britney O'Connor said...

It looks like her friend passed away :(.


SO sad. Prayers for everyone involved.

Kyle & Shanna said...

OH my goodness! My heart sunk when I read this. I didn't even know her.

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