Thursday, October 28, 2010

tea bag quote of the week

both jessa and i have been ridiculously busy. 
life sometimes doesnt let you go. 
patience needed. apologies given. 
(send us your guest blog posts!! ANY topic about adoption will do, get creative! 
would especially love to hear from ANYone about their experience at ntl FSA or sw FSA conferences)

in the meantime, heres another fantastic tea quote while i cram everything there is to know about pulmonary pathology in my wee brain.

doncha just hate it when people seem to think they know more about 
your adoption experiences then you do? 

side note:
im so looking forward to ntl adoption month! squeeeeee
and teaching my adoption advocacy class in a week!!
(register to attend the conference in seattle- free for birthparents!)
i got so many great freebies to giveaway during my class as positive adoption promo examples, pics of all that and a full report on my 'teachings', eventually!

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Cathryn and Brent said...

What an incredible site! I'm blown away by what you've created! Thank you! How do we sign up to be listed on your "hopefuls" list? This is our site: http://cathrynbrentadopt.blogspot.com/
Love, Cathryn

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