Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is Foster Care an Option for YOU??

For those adoptive couples who read our site or birthmothers who talk to them... We would like to invite you to consider adopting through foster care.
You can view some profiles here!!
I know it seems difficult to think of adopting a child rather than a baby but they need homes too!
Of course it isn't right for EVERY family but I am sure that many of you would have awesome homes to open up to these children even it is for just a short time.

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Karine said...

We actually put in for a little girl throught he system. We did not get her, but many put in for her. Through out the whole process we prayed the "RIGHT" family for her would recieve her. We got down to 3 families and then were told we were not the perfect match. It was hard. But it opened us to adopting through the foster system. We have now applied for foster to adopt, and in Feb will be taking pride classes. They also have our home study so if a child comes through that they think would be a great fit with us, they will call us ;) Its just one more way to put ourselves out there, to trust in God that he knows who the child is that is meant to find us. Baby, child or sibling group :) Either way, we have so much love to offer a child/children and why stop with five?! What is one more... but more to love!

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