Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is a poem my mom found.
I love it (minus the give you up part), I think it is beautiful

Don't Question for a moment why she chose to give you up,
Not because you were not wanted, but rather out of love.

She carried you for all those months, wishing everyday,
To be the one to watch you grow, to love you and to play,

She wanted you so very, more than you'll ever know
She wondered where she'd get the strength to ever let you go

But soon the time had come, after many sleepless nights
To put away her own desires and do what she knew was right.

They gave her stacks of letters and photos to look through.
Though all seemed like loving couples, only the best would do.

And when she saw their faces, no doubt left in her mind.
She'd made the right decision, and took the pen and signed.

And as she signed those papers, tears falling down her face
In your ear she whispered, my heart will always have a place.

For you my little darling, are loved beyond all measure,
We thank God for your birthmom, like you she is our treasure.

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