Wednesday, November 3, 2010

slideshows - birth mom buds and their babies

over the years birthmom buds has put together slideshows of birthmoms, birthmoms and their babies, and the friendships us women have formed and cultivated thru these experiences we call the adoption journey. i hope you enjoy these videos, and maybe youll recognize some friends!

be sure to follow the birthmom buds blog, check out their website - great resources and forums, and become friends with birthmom buds on facebook. be sure to take and gather some pictures to submit for the 2011 slideshow! Also, they have a retreat every May to celebrate birthmothers day, put it on your calendar now!

here at birthmothers4adoption, we love birthmom buds and are very grateful for what they have created and all that they do on a daily basis for birthmothers everywhere!

2006 A birthmothers love

2007 A birthmothers wish

2008 A birthmothers hope
(embedding option not avail)

2009 Never Alone

2010 you'll be in my heart

1 comment:

Coley said...

Aw thanks!! You guys are awesome too.

I'm not sure why the '08 video can't be imbed. I'll have to check. I was trying to think which one is my fave of all those. I can't pic one!!

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