Friday, December 24, 2010

What I learned in 2010

I feel like twenty10 has flown by! I can't believe in 1 year I have gotten engaged then married, moved three times, traveled to 5 different states, gone to 3 adoption conferences, and made hundreds of new friends. Here are the top 10 things I learned about Adoption specifically!

1) When your birthchild learns your name it is amazingly special to you
2) Speaking about adoption to a group of people is one of my all time favorite activities
3) 13 Hours of talking about adoption is no sweat
4) less than 100,000 out of 1 million girls choose to place every year because they don't know enough about adoption
5) There is a ridiculous amount of Anti Adoption people in this world...i mean RIDICULOUS AMOUNT!!
6) New friends come easy in the adoption world .. common ground makes for easy friends
7) I am capable of starting a non profit just for birthmothers
8) An adoptive parent can love an adoptee just as much (if not more) as a biological child no matter how old or young they may be
9) Adoption through foster care is such a beautiful concept and I wish more people would do it.
10) The Adoption Kool-Aid is my FAVORITE drink to order no matter where i go! ;)

1 comment:

birthMOM said...

Love all the things you've learned, especially the last one! ;) Tee hee! Thanks for sharing Jessa!

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