Saturday, October 1, 2011


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First of all....i think one or two of you didn't get me your addresses from the last giveaway and therefore did not get your prize yet...they are waiting and ready!!! so email us at birthmothers4adoption@gmail.com and we will hook ya up!

Now... here is our next giveaway!

I met the lovely owners of Heartfelt Memories at the National FSA Conference!

i sat by them when i was hanging out with Ashley Hansen Bigler and The R House peeps!
they dealt with our loudness and obnoxious laughter...and sometimes joined in ;)

They volunteered to do a giveaway! i was super excited because they make the cutest adoption gifts! They have these scrapbooks that are GORGEOUS! My mom actually made one similar for Josie. It gives writing prompts on the bmom background and the bfather background....it asks questions and such and its all wrapped in an adorable package!

They have girls scrapbooks (for those of you placing little girls...or adopting little girls....or who have already placed little girls.)

They have boys scrapbooks (read the above parentheses and add boys in place of girls ...im lazy)

Here is a little diddy about their company
We created our company to help celebrate the adoption process and all of the lives that are touched by this most amazing of miracles.  As we have commemorated adoption events in our own lives and those of our family members and friends, we noticed that there is a great lack of products that focus on adoption; the relationship between birth parents, children and adoptive parents; and the preservation of  memories of this event.  We believe that adoption is perhaps the most profound miracle in creating a family.  So many lives become intertwined and so many hearts are touched.

We pledge that as we create the items that we sell, we do it with YOU in mind.  All items are created one at time, in a basement bedroom that has been converted to our "craft room" in a home - not in a factory, not just printed off by computer or made by machine.  Of course,we use these tools but all items are assembled by hand (with the exception of the teddy bears - which is WAAAAY out of our comfort zone) and made with love. 

The most profound experience we have had is when we received an order at an adoption convention.  A very pregnant birthmom fell in love with the traditional girls scrapbook and wanted one to give to her daughter when she was born and placed with her adoptive family.  As we worked late into the night to create her book, the feelings of being part of something bigger than ourselves were overwhelming.  The next day we were able to hand the completed scrapbook to that selfless birthmother
 and it changed our lives.  This is not just a business, it is a labor of love.

Although we cannot personally hand deliver your order to you, and we won't meet you face to face, we want to make your order with you and your story in mind.  When you place your order, you will be asked to share your story.  Please do - tell us why you are ordering the item - whether it is a congratulations card for your co-worker that has just adopted, or the "Empty Arms" set for the amazing birthmom who chose YOU to raise her child or a card to express your feelings to your child that you placed years ago.  This helps us to create your items just for you.

So what is it exactly that we are giving away

One of these ADORABLE MINI SCRAPBOOKS of your choice!! 

How to Enter...
Just follow the steps below!
(the ones that are not bolded already means they are not mandatory to enter!)


Katelyn Krum Shaw said...

love it! So excited to win... wink wink

Kristine said...

It would go to My daughter's birthmother!

jodilee0123 said...

I'm an adoptive mom. If I won the girl's book...I would love to give it to my youngest daughter's birthmother. She really doesn't have anything of her own. I just think it would be neat for her.

Laura and Paul said...

we have an adopted daughter. I think I would give it to our daughters birthmother.

MrsPerrbear said...

Totally being selfish instead of selfless...I would keep it for myself, because they are beyond cute!!!

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