Saturday, November 10, 2012

.... a bit of an apology

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I slacked hardcore already this month. It is all these beautiful conferences!! This weekend I was in Portland Oregon playing with birthMOM aka Desha! To top off all the traveling I am indeed voiceless. I have lost it completely...which is probably a blessing for some.

I did want to give some great articles to read though

First. Today at the conference I came across so many couples that were unsure of how they felt about open adoption. Why?? They saw it on T.V. or heard from a friend who heard from a friend. It is scary to hear about all these people and things that represent us as birthmoms. All the stupid lifetime drama and MTV bull crap. I remembered THIS post by Megan. ... p.s. Megan, i miss you and your wise words on this blog.

Second. I am busy working away on a research project with my husband for his class and I was interviewing people on the pros and cons of open adoption. So many interesting view points. I was amazed at how many people here in Oregon who have contracts actually like them A LOT! And support them whole-heartedly...reminded me of THIS lovely debacle. So sad that not a lot of people support them very much

Last enjoy these pictures of Desh and I. Conference deets to come as soon as i get home on Monday.

at the conference

unicorns and rainbows

 voodoo doughnuts

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