Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adventures with Adoption.Net

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A while back I had an email forwarded to me. The email was from somebody named Melanya. I talked with her back and forth. She asked me to contribute to the new website she was working for called


After talking to her for a while I knew this site was a good egg. I was then informed of the opportunity to help them film some footage on adoption. I jumped all over the chance at a free vacay to California. Then I found out that Becca (an adoptive momma) and Kelsey were going to be there and I knew this trip was golden and meant to be.

Here are some fun pics from my trip. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with Melanya or the Director (picture me with a very sad face I do not have the above mentioned pics)

I flew in early Tuesday morning and got to their swanky studio set up. It was decorated beautifully.

I got my hair and make-up done by their super talented artist. 

Hung out with Kelsey. We chatted our little hearts out about rainbow unicorn farts and lollipops.

Becca arrived and got all ready.

Of course we then chatted our hearts out about rainbows and sunshine

We took turns going back to the set and pouring our hearts out about how beautiful adoption is. 

Getting mic'd was pretty awkward and hilarious. Imagine his surprise when I was indeed wearing maternity pants and had no belt loop to hook it too. WHOOPS! 

This lady and I got to spend lots of time together. I met her adorable family and hilarious kids. We frolicked on the beach, in Chuck E Cheese, and ate yummy food. 

This picture just turned out rad. A bike on the oceanside pier. 

So...how can you get involved with awesome adoption stuffs?? Go to ADOPTION.NET. You can subscribe to the emails and their site is set to launch within a week or so!!!

It always amazes me how much a common passion can bring people together. Adoption is truly a small world. I have met so many people through adoption who have truly blessed my life. And I love that people like Melanya who have had no previous connection to an adoption triad can suddenly come to love it and care about it. I encourage you to subscribe to this website and get involved. After meeting the people behind it, I know that they are going to do great things. 

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