Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a blogsite update regarding loose ends!

whew, im back from my 5 weeks in turkey and greece! it was ah.maze.ing. i am still working on posting pics and writing down my stories, you are welcome to check out my adventures!

to all for not keeping the blogsite better up to date during national adoption month. but both me and jessa are crazy busy lately, isnt living life great?!

there are more guest birthmom bloggers working on posts, that wasnt an 'only for adoption month' thing. guest bloggers are always welcome. contact me for info about posting if you want to share. also if you want to be a permanent co author like myself, jessa or shanna, then please let me know!

anywhoo i just wanted to remind our blog followers... i did not forget about the birthmom giveaway - it was just too hard for me to orchestrate from halfway around the world. it will be held just after the new year! something to look forward to after the holidays!

the questions
are being answered by LOTS of birthmothers, and its proving quite the task to compile all the answers together in one massive list of awesome and priceless answers but it is happening so STAY TUNED! its gonna be great! if you need to send me answers please do so asap: deshawood at gmail dot com.

remember the birthmom photo shoot in utah from early October? the pics are fantastic and a few will be posted soon, i promise! many thanks to the photographer chris dailey for supporting birthmothers everywhere by donating his time and talents for us on that afternoon.
birthmoms - get together in your neck of the woods and take some fun pics together, make new friends, make new memories, share the treasured memories with each other.

blurbs from the regional families supporting adoption conference on nov 6th will be posted if i can get my hands on any!
did you go? write a blurb about your thoughts/experience and send it to me! please!

need xmas gift ideas? please support hand made this season, there are lots of great lil shops on etsy.com including this one (im biased as its my birthcoaches shop!) she also makes beautiful and intricate blessing/gratitude and adoption boxes. you can custom order one for the birthmom or birth child in your life. and i am absolutely in luv with the tshirt for my lil pokepoke that i bought from therhouse couture shop. take a few to browse etsy, you wont regret it! type in 'adoption' if you want to buy only adoption related gifts.

THIS thursday in portland oregon is a birthmom holiday support group meeting and afterward we are going to the Washington Square mall to take pics with santa. contact me if you need details. i challenge other birthmoms to get together and take santa pics this season! be sure to post a link to them if you do!

I (desha, birthMOM) will be in utah for the xmas holiday, email or FB me if you want to try to get together, i know me and jessa and andee will be meeting up for lunch or something similar, wed love to have more birthmoms join us!

yesterday marks 2 years that i found out i was pregnant! crazy how time flies! read about my thoughts from last year at this time! lemme know if you need an invite to read my personal blog leave your email addy in the comments.

on thursday i have my medical school application interview! wish me luck!
adoption luvs, always. birthMOM


debs life said...

I'd love to meet you! Let me know when you guys meet up and if you would have me, I'd love to join!

Anonymous said...

I would love to meet you and any other birthmoms. I will be in utah Dec 24-27. Hopefully I have time between family time and such a short visit. Jennilee

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