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Answers from the lovely birthmothers:
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B. When is birth mothers day? Is there a different day than regular mothers day?

Yes, it’s in May, it’s always the Saturday before Mothers Day.
Do your birthmom a favor and send her a card of gratitude on this day every year, she’ll greatly appreciate it.

I have yet to celebrate that day or seen any parades for it. But it's nice to be recognized and who knows if you get gifts for it. Ha.

The Saturday before Mother's Day. Makes for a tough weekend!

Yes! Birthmother’s Day is the day before Mother’s Day. That is when I have always heard of it, anyway. My husband always does something for me that day, not because it’s the day before Mother’s Day, but because I am a birthmother and he admires that about me.

On the first year I had a get together with other birth mom’s to celebrate. It was very fun. We met at a park and had food and shared stories about or children. I think we shared pictures/poems if we wanted to. I also was surprised by my sister we lived together at the time and she put up a sign on my bedroom door “Happy Birth Mother’s Day!” and my bed was covered with balloons and under them was a present for me. My mom would buy me presents every year, but now my husband does.

I believe it is the Sunday before Mother's Day. Its different than Mother's Day because not many people are aware that there are so many Birth Mothers. A special day to where even though the birth mother might not be raising the child, she is still reconized for her courage to place.

Personally, I have been a birth mother for almost 20 years and had never heard the term Birth Mother's Day until I began to blog on the internet and read about it in some groups that I have joined. I have always celebrated Mother's Day. I do not believe that there needs to be a specific day designated for birth mothers.

birthmother's day is the day before mother's day to honor the birthmom, I think the birthmom should be honored on that day, I think Hallmark should make birthmother's Day cards!

Yes, Birthmothers day is the day before Mothers day.  I have celebrated it twice with the adoptive parents because they celebrated it with me even when I was pregnant.  My family does not celebrate it, but the adoptive parents do which makes up for it.

Birthmother’s Day is the Saturday before Mother’s Day.  Some families choose to celebrate it as a separate holiday, others choose to recognize birthmoms on Mother’s Day, others ignore both holidays.  Again, it depends on the people involved and their relationships as to what’s right for your family.

~I don't know anything about a birthmothers day.  I do get a card with pictures on mothers day from the adoptive family.

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Michelle said...

Hmmm...most of the birth moms I'm in contact with do not recognize this day, nor want to be recognized on it. As an adoptee, I do not think of my birth mom on this day. I think of her on Mothers Day, my birthday, and pretty much every day. I don't really like the idea. In my mind, I guess, she's just a mom. A mom who relinquished, but a mom none the less.

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