Monday, March 21, 2011

Adoption Cards

are you ready for this?! 

finally there is somewhere in the world that you can get cards specific to adoption! 
this is long overdue and i know the idea has been around for years and years floating in lots of crafty people heads', but it is finally a reality!

Adoption specific cards for birthmothers day, 
mothers day and reunions. 
holla! can you feel the adoption luvs?! 

check out the awesomeness at the
heartmark designs etsy shop. 

part of the proceeds go to the fabulous birthmom buds organization
spread the word to all your adoption friends/family-
birthmothers day and mothers day are just around 
the spring corner! (may 7 and 8)
official logo

thanks birthmom buds for making adoption cards! we heart birthmom buds muchas! 
be sure to check out the birthmom buds newsletters and the blog - great stuff! 

1 comment:

Coley said...

Thank you so much for the spreading the word about our cards!

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