Thursday, March 17, 2011


just a quick fyi, we will be removing the facebook networking feature of this blog in the near future. 

if you follow us on facebook and not on blogger/google reader, please make the switch so that you dont miss out on any of our great posts! 

while facebook added some social networking capabilities with the blog, we have decided that the benefit is not enough to outweigh the hassle of blog management from multiple locations.

we look forward to your comments on past and future posts on this blog, as do our other readers! 

if you are a birthmom blogger wed love to link you on our side bar. leave us your blog url!

as always, if you want to guest blog about ANYthing, let one of us know! sharing parts of your adoption journey with others is a HUGE part of the healing process. in the past weve had adoptive parents, adoptees, birthparents, and extended family members from both adoptive and birthparent perspectives share their thoughts feelings stories and insights.

adoption luvs, birthMOM and JLBills


Cami said...


birthMOM said...

thanks cami! got ya added on the blog roll!

LisaAnne said...


birthMOM said...

thanks lisa, youre now on the bloggy roll!

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